The lawyer and his client are bound by a mandate contract. The lawyer carries out his mandate with care, diligence and faithfully safeguards the interests of his client. The lawyer is entitled to fees and reimbursement of his expenses, regardless of the outcome of the dispute.

The Code of Ethics of the Swiss Bar Association sets out general principles concerning fees.

The amount of fees charged must be appropriate. It is determined by the circumstances of the case, the difficulty and importance of the case, the interests of the client, the experience of the lawyer and the outcome of the proceedings. The number of hours devoted to the case is also an important element.

Upon acceptance of the mandate, the lawyer informs his client of the principles of fixing the fees.

The lawyer also has the option of agreeing on a fee package; commensurate with the likely benefits the lawyer is expected to provide.

The philosophy of the firm is to evaluate each case, on a case by case basis, in order to find the best appropriate solution for its client on a financial basis.

In principle, the client makes a down payment to cover working expenses of the appointed lawyer.